Nature Trails

There are two public footpaths, various permissive paths and a circular trail around the reserve. The paths can be uneven and muddy at times so please have suitable footwear

The trail starts at the main car park and leaves via some steps by the notice board to the main track. To avoid these steps there is a another path to the right that leads to the lodge and joins the track a bit higher up. There is a gradual slope from the main car park down to the bridge and some shorter lengths of slightly steeper paths through the woodland.

Otterhead Estate is a nature reserve so please keep to the clearly visible paths and prevent disturbance to the wildlife, especially while birds are nesting in the spring and summer. Adders also live here and these venomous snakes can bite if startled. Dangerous silt is found in former lake beds and leats and naturally occuring spring line mires off the paths could be hazardous to small children and dogs.

Dogs are welcome but please keep them on a lead or under very close control. Please dispose of bagged dog poo in the bin provided in the car park.

Camping and BBQs are not allowed and please take any litter home with you

Fishing is only allowed under licence from Taunton Fly Fishing Club

Downloadable copies of a nature trail and a heritage trail are available here.

Otterhead Lake Nature Trail leaflet Otterhead Lake Heritage Trail leaflet

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